KANSAS CITY — Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Center High alum Rachaad White is having a fun time adjusting to the NFL.

The rookie running back has been lauded for his shiftiness and receiving skills, but he didn’t take too kindly to one fantasy football writer’s comparison of him.

Among Twitter discussions about White’s fantasy value, writer Aaron Schill brought up former Buccaneer and current Chief running back Ronald Jones.

White evidently didn’t like that comparison, and he messaged Schill on Twitter to talk with him about it.

“Me & Ronald Jones are in 2 different categories & he is him and & I’m me,” White said in the message.

“No other back out [of this] class [led] his college team [in] rushing and receiving… don’t let me get started. Just stop disrespecting me.”

In the messages, Schill clarified that he was praising White, not trying to disrespect him, and White apologized.

“I just take offense [to] being compared to guys that I think or believe don’t take the game as [seriously] as I do,” White said in his apology. “[This] is [what] i do. I love football to [the] death of me. It’s my life.”

Schill accepted the apology and warmly captioned the post of his screenshots with “Rachaad White RB1 season incoming. #GoBucs”.

Few athletes respond to social media criticism, but this is one of the few cases where it appears no hard feelings were held by either side.