Chiefs fan buries ‘Chiefs Kingdom’ banner at Las Vegas Raiders stadium construction site, picture claims

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LAS VEGAS — A picture of a construction worker holding up a Chiefs banner in Las Vegas and claiming he’s ‘burying it’ at the construction site of the new Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium, is stirring up rivalry we’ve all come to know and love.

The picture was posted to the Kansas City Chiefs Reddit by Reddit user ‘bromigo228’ and is titled ‘Buried at Las Vegas Raiders stadium’.

Buried at Las Vegas Raiders stadium from KansasCityChiefs

A news station in Las Vegas asked the question: ‘Is it petty?’ and claimed that some are calling for the worker to be punished!

Some of the comments include:

‘You my friend deserve many free beers!’

‘I want to share this to the Raiders page, but I’m afraid they’ll find this guy and fire him.’

‘Not if he’s smart. If he denies it, and there are no witnesses that say they saw him bury it, they aren’t going to stop construction and dig up all the progress they made to find a flag that may or may not be there.’

‘That’s some legendary pettiness. As a 49ers fan- Bless you sir!’




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