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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fans across the metro are taking advantage of the Chiefs being back into action, the Kingdom showing up on both sides of the state line. 

The Chiefs completely dominated the Arizona Cardinals, something that was great for fans to see, especially with a heartbreaking loss to finish off last season and a busy offseason for the team. 

“I am very excited. Go chiefs!” Said one Chiefs fan. 

A very common theme from one fan to the next. 

“I’m super excited and I think we have a great team, we got a lot to do,” said another. 

The two words that seem to be on top of the Kingdom’s minds are excitement and optimism. 

“Very optimistic, things are looking up, bye Tyreek, new wide receivers, things are good,” another Chiefs fan said. 

“I’m totally optimistic, I think the Buffalo Bills are going to give us a run for our money, but I think we’re going to come out on top,” said another. 

A lot of new faces on the roster, leaving lots of uncertainty among fans. 

“Honestly, I’m feeling pretty good. I know we lost a lot of key players, so I was a little nervous, but preseason we really showed out and we’re just the same Chiefs we’ve always been,” one fan said.

Fans were tired of hearing the outside noise and tired of what they believe and, in their minds, know is unnecessary criticism.

“I’m looking forward to them making fools of all the naysayers that have been out there lately,” said a member of the Chiefs Kingdom. 

On the field, the players have given a reason for the Chief’s fans to be confident, a week one showing that could make anyone believe. 

“I want to see us go to the Super Bowl this year and bring it back home this year,” said a fan. 

1-0 and the Kingdom is already preparing for a return to Glendale for the Super Bowl because they say the Chiefs are going to be better this year.