Chiefs Kingdom grows as ‘Arrowheads Abroad’ adopt team


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You can find Chiefs fans just about anywhere in the world. 

Arrowheads Abroad is a Chiefs fan club based in the United Kingdom, with thousands of members across the globe. The group says fans from 16 countries are represented, including France, Japan and South Africa.

“I think the NFL’s getting more and more popular over here,” Arrowheads Abroad member Duncan Smart said.

These fans are dedicated, staying up late to watch the Chiefs in action. The UK is six hours ahead of Kansas City. So a 5:40 p.m. kickoff in KC means a 11:40 p.m. kickoff time in the UK. 

“The time doesn’t matter. We get used to the night games. It’s not an issue. We’ve both got young kids, both used to being up half the night anyways. So staying up for another Chiefs game, you’re doing it five times a year with all the prime-time games at the moment anyways. So, it’s just another night. I’ll sleep Monday night,” Neil Blair told FOX4.

Blair and Smart say they’ve been Chiefs fans for decades. After years of supporting the team through its ups and downs, the feeling of dominance is sweet.

“We were just watching the NFC championship game and Rodgers, this is his first home championship game. This is Patrick Mahomes’ third. We can’t take these things for granted,” Smart said.

Normally Arrowheads Abroad members get together for “pre-game” tailgates, but weren’t able to do so this season because of COVID-19 restrictions.

The group hopes it can cheer on the Chiefs in person next season.



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