Chiefs take timeout from preseason prep to focus on voting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs held a team meeting this past week, not about goals on the field, but for goals off the field to get people registered to vote. 

Partnering with “RISE to Vote,” an advocacy group focused on athletics and civic engagement, head coach Andy Reid understands the importance of having this conversation with the team.

“I think what’s important there is that you can make a difference, and that’s what those guys understand, locally, nationally to make a difference,” Reid said.

Patrick Mahomes mentioned during the offseason that he wanted to make sure he was registered to vote. He mailed in his paperwork, but when he checked to make sure he was registered, he found out that he wasn’t.

“My advice is that, first, find out as much information from whoever you think is the best to find information,” Mahomes said. “Make sure you’re following the steps the right way and then… make sure you check on that and everything is done the right way. And then after that, spread the information, spread the word around, make sure you can get as many people registered as possible. That’s how people can show their voice in this nation.”

Tyrann Mathieu said that, for a while, he felt like his vote didn’t count. However, he now said that players need to speak up. 

This summer, Receiver Sammy Watkins has been active getting people to vote in his native Florida.  His aunt is running for mayor of Fort Myers, and he’s using his platform to encourage convicted felons with restored rights to register.

“Everybody should vote, not just on the President, but when you talk about voting, you can change a lot of things in your community,” Watkins said. “And I think it’s very important as athletes to speak up and talk about it. I think voting is serious, and if we can change the small things and legislation going on in community to get better people in, I admire the people that sat there fighting to vote and to keep that pushing and spreading that knowledge.”

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