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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — An undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team is sparking more spending across the metro area.

From T-shirts to pizza, even big screen TV sets are seeing strong sales, and merchants say the Chiefs winning streak is a big reason behind it.

The Kansas City Chiefs claim that the team generates $400 million a year to our regional economy. But when the team is winning, more people say they can see and feel that impact.

More than $126 million in household income is supported by the Chiefs. That’s nearly 5,000 jobs across the Kansas City area. And no where is that more apparent than at sports merchandise stores.

At Sports Nutz of Kansas City sales are up 30 percent over this same period a year ago, and the strong sports September, with both the Chiefs and Royals playing well, is being cited as a driving factor.  A boost in big screen TV sales also is evidence of the Chiefs success. Fall typically is when many people look to upgrade their televisions, but this year Nebraska Furniture Mart says the Chiefs are helping push those sales even higher as fans want the best possible experience to watch their team win.

“They want to experience it,” said Adam Walls, sales manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. “They want more of that home theater experience while they are watching the chiefs dominate other teams. ”

The Chiefs also generate $10.5 million in taxes for the state of Missouri. But when you’re looking at big screen TVs  that cost more than $2,000 apiece, sales staffers say it’s clear that football is helping sell a lot of televisions this fall.

When the Chiefs win, fans also are more likely to eat out. Restaurants and taverns says they are already seeing larger crowds thanks to the winning season.