1965 Chiefs club guide found at Oak Grove estate sale


OAK GROVE, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs have won two Super Bowls, 50 years a part.

Before that, in 1963, they were setting into their new home in Kansas City.

Some of the early years are detailed in a 1965 Chiefs football club guide and found in an Oak Grove estate sale.

“I have found a lot of junk. She kept everything,” said Linda Hanley, executive for her friend’s estate. “When I saw this, I thought, hmm, there might be somebody interested since it’s ancient.”

With the official Chiefs letterhead, the three-page letter features details about how the game works, with definitions and examples and a booklet on ‘how to tailgate.”

Hanley said she would like to donate the items to the Chiefs museum.

“Something you might think of having in a time capsule because it happened,” Hanley said. “I hadn’t seen it before. I might not even paid attention to it if I ran across it in the fall or something.”



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