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LENEXA, Kan. — Last Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game against the Jacksonville Jaguars was a cold one for fans, but fans’ warm hearts continue to shine through and steal the show.

People in Chiefs Kingdom continue to take care of each other and go the extra mile to help, in one case quite literally.  

“They saved us a trip to a DMV,” Rebecca Murigneux said. 

After the Chiefs won Sunday, Murigneux realized she lost her ID and credit card.

“I immediately canceled my credit card and looked up the steps to get a new ID and was just kind of defeated and frustrated,” Murigneux said.

Her husband Emilien Murigneux helped her search the car and retrace their steps through the parking lot for an hour, but no luck — until they got home and saw something pinned to the door. 

A plastic bag was hanging, and inside was Murigneux’s ID and credit card. The stranger also left a note that said, “Hello, I found these leaving the Chiefs game. Great win! Best to you.”

“You don’t have to do the right thing, and you don’t even have to pick it up and give it to someone for like the lost and found, but this person went the extra mile, drove it to our place, left a cute little note,” Murigneux said. 

She said she hopes to meet the fan who helped her.

“Thank you, and if they come to a Chiefs game, next time I would be more than happy to offer them a beer or a Coke,” Murigneux said. “Just to cheer with them and to thank them because that’s really, really nice.”

Overall, she summed it up simply: “Chiefs fans — they’re great.”

“Stone Cold” Julie Collins agrees.

You might remember her face from when Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones ran up and grabbed a fan’s Michelob Ultra to celebrate a play last year. Everyone was excited, except Collins who had her beer spilled and got a bit squashed.

Well, last Sunday, that face resurfaced when Collins’ son unknowingly dropped an autographed hat in the parking lot.

“We have so many current and previous players’ signatures. It definitely is a prized possession for my son Jared,” Collins said. 

There are 13 signatures on the hat, including Harrison Butker, Clark Hunt and Chiefs legend Len Dawson. 

But Collins said they weren’t expecting to ever see it again — until a stranger overheard their family talking about losing such a cherished memento and asked if this hat was it. 

“She just kept it safe and was, I think, waiting by her car to see if someone would come back looking for it, which is incredibly kind,” Collins said. 

The Chiefs take on the Chargers in LA this Sunday night. The scoreboard is the only place we can’t make any promises on being nice.