KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Bengals big win in western New York Sunday also has huge ramifications for Kansas City outside of the field of play.

The city — for the 5th year in a row — will receive a revenue boost. 

“You know how exciting it is! It’s the most exciting thing in the world. So for me, it’s a go Chiefs,” Chiefs fan Anthony Santiago said.

Chiefs Kingdom is beyond elated with a record fifth straight AFC championship is coming to our backyards, something that serves as welcome news for Kathy Nelson the President and CEO of the Kansas City Sports Commission.

“Anytime we have a home game for any of our professional teams, that offers our city an opportunity to shine and welcome fans, of course to the restaurants and to hotels, but especially when they’re in the playoffs,” Nelson said.

Nelson, who also serves as the CEO and president of Visit KC as well, said this economically is something that never hurts.

“There’s a heightened awareness on your city and a spotlight on your city and it certainly brings revenue with that,” Nelson said. 

“There’s also a marketing element and plus for that city that’s hosting that, and especially for Kansas City again to showcase on national television, where tens of millions of people are watching that game and really as Kansas City as the backdrop and highlight for that,” Nelson added.

In a year that will see an NFL Draft, NCAA Tournament games and more, it’s a win-win. 
Also, on many minds is the possibility of future neutral site NFL conference championship games.

Something that if it were to happen, would be on the commission’s radar.

“If the NFL decided to pursue both the NFC and AFC championship game as a neutral site or an opportunity to place a bid to host that game, our city would look at that,” Nelson said.

The AFC championship game is Sunday night at 5:30 p.m.