KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With a Super Bowl LVII victory in their rearview, mirror, the Kansas City Chiefs are beginning to prepare for their title defense for the 2023 season.

The Chiefs began Phase 1 of their offseason training program on Monday. Head coach Andy Reid detailed what it would consist of.

“Phase 1 is good for the offense probably more so than the defense,” Reid said. “Defense working with the zoom part of it is important, working with the strength and conditioning part is important. The Offensive guys can get together and throw the ball around. You can’t do that on the defensive side necessarily.”

Even though the Chiefs had a shorter offseason after their Super Bowl appearance, he still wanted the team to get back on the field after extended time off.

“The reason I do it though is because of the time off. I just want them to freshen up. That season doesn’t seem like it was very long ago you were playing in the Super Bowl and having the parade,” Reid said. “And then all of a sudden, Bam! You’re back into Phase 1, so it gives the guys an opportunity to get away.”

Patrick Mahomes went down to Texas once again with some of his teammates to work out and build chemistry as part of the offseason workouts.

And while the workouts are voluntary, Coach Reid also emphasized how the players have wanted to go and took the initiative.

“It’s the way Pat handles himself to where the guys want to do it. I don’t have to say a whole lot. You know they’ve actually been down there for a week with each other.”

“I think it’s a real positive thing. It’s a good team builder for the wide receiver, tight ends, running backs and quarterback position. They’re able to feel kind of feel each other out, talk to each other. It’s good to have some guys that have been through it so they can talk to the newer guys and help coach them up.”

After Phase 1, the players will get time for recovery before starting Phase 2 in two weeks.