As Chiefs prevail, fans hope increasing COVID-19 spread doesn’t cancel season


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs fans were ecstatic over the rout of the New York Jets on Sunday, but fears over the continuing coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on some people’s outlook.

Connor Shoemaker thinks the Chiefs can win out and make it to the AFC title game.

“They look really good honestly,” He said. “Defense, offense was on all cylinders they looked really good.”

Although the Jets posed no real threat to knocking off Chiefs Kingdom, some fans said that they are very worried about a more formidable and invisible foe. That foe is COVID-19, and with cases rising in Kansas and Missouri, some fans think that the season is up for grabs.

On Oct. 30, the U.S. Shattered its daily COVID record with almost 100,000 new cases. The very next day, Kansas reached almost 75,000 reported cases. 

Dr. Steven Stites, the chief medical officer at University of Kansas Health System, said the numbers are going up quickly because people aren’t being careful. 

“We’re battling the overall rise of COVID 19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in the community because people aren’t being as careful as we were and we started trying to open things up, and we’re seeing the repercussions from that,” Dr. Stites said.

Fans are worried that the rise in cases could lead to games, and possibly the season, getting canceled

“Hopefully the season doesn’t get canceled,” fan Nick Crabtree said. “That would be unfortunate.”

As of now, there has been no official word of a shutdown or action that would affect the Chiefs. 

“A Football season without football? That’s, I don’t know, that’s just a boring season to me,” Shoemaker said.



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