KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From the time they touched down in Kansas City and hit the Country Club Plaza to load up on Chiefs gear, Atlanta’s ‘Fab 4’ has made quite an impression.

Barb Tobias, 79, Carol Delaney, 77, DeeAnna Reano, 78, and GayLynn McManus, 65,  are major Kansas City Chiefs fans, especially fans of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. The women were featured on FOX4 Friday, making their first trip to Arrowhead, and became instant celebrities in Chiefs Kingdom.

“We went many places, and people recognized us. They said, ‘oh my gosh, we were sitting next to people at lunch, can we have our pictures taken with you?’ So it’s been a great weekend,” Delaney said.

“Young, sweet little boys would come up to us, and older gentleman, and everyone. It’s just like age didn’t matter,” Tobias said.

It all culminated with Sunday’s game, and not only did they get to witness a Chiefs win, but they saw a record-setting first half for Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, who also connected on their 50th career touchdown together.

Asked if they thought they might have had anything to do with Mahomes and Kelce’s success on Sunday, Reano responded, “Oh sure, I think we did. His first touchdown, he went up and went like this (as Reano mimicked the salute).”

They left with some gift bags featuring a Chiefs yearbook, koozies, earplugs and Chiefs Kingdom flags.

They didn’t open those gift bags until after the game. The earplugs could have come in handy at the loudest stadium in the world. But they’ll have them for what could be annual birthday celebration return trips, as three of the four turn 80 over the next three years.