KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs Kingdom has company coming to town.

Kansas City is prepared for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game when the Chiefs will face off with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans of both teams, including Chiefs fans living outside the Kansas City metro, are pouring into town, thirsty for Sunday’s big game. The Chiefs have won two consecutive AFC Championships. 

FOX4 cameras spotted a handful of Bengals fans flying into Kansas City International Airport on Friday afternoon.

None of them stood out quite as vividly as Cincinnati superfan Derek Dunbar, who was decked out in a multicolored Bengals costume when he disembarked a Delta flight from the Buckeye State. 

Dunbar and Amanda Applegate, another fan from the Dayton, Ohio area, shouted “Who Dey” to a number of Chiefs fans while Dunbar performed the celebrated Ickey Shuffle in front of KCI, both of which are Bengals traditions.

“Nobody believes in us — but us. Until the Chiefs lose, they won’t believe us either. We already beat them a couple of weeks back. You better check the score, baby!” Dunbar hooted.

“We’re bringing home the win,” Applegate proclaimed. “We’re going all the way. We’ve got Joey B (Burrow) baby!”

The only tickets remaining for Sunday’s game are on the secondary market. One resale website advertised its cheapest tickets at roughly $460 and its highest priced passes at nearly $2,500.

Fans who don’t have tickets will gravitate toward party spots, such as Johnny’s Tavern at the Kansas City Power & Light District.

Kyle Witherspoon, a co-owner in all 12 Johnny’s locations, said the restaurant is stocked up and staffed up. In fact, Witherspoon is prepared to sell twice as much beer as his restaurant usually sells on a Chiefs Sunday.

“Some people don’t realize how the success of local sports teams are directly tied to the success of being in the sports bar business,” Witherspoon said.

“I always say — get one more week. Get from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8. Get to the AFC Championship Game. Get us to the Super Bowl, but that one week does make a huge impact on business.”