KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They watched Super Bowl 57 behind enemy lines, but the team that runs “Arrowhead East” in south Philadelphia made it to Kansas City to celebrate the Chiefs 38-35 triumph over the Eagles.

Big Charlie’s Saloon is the place to be for Chiefs fans displaced in Philadelphia, and manager Michael Puggi told FOX4 before the big game that Kansas City was going to bring another Lombardi Trophy home. Following a fulfilled prophecy, Puggi and the Big Charlie’s gang made their way to downtown KC.

“Very exciting, to travel all the way from Philadelphia, Arrowhead East, can’t wait for the parade to start today,” Puggi told FOX4’s Malik Jackson.

Manager Laura Sessa said this trip is a big payoff for supporting the Chiefs in a sea of Eagles fans.

“It’s so exciting to be here, and for the last two weeks we had, we said we deserve to come here after the slack in Philly. That’s why we’re here, and KC, we love you,” manager Laura Sessa said.

Mia Abbruzzi echoed those sentiments.

“It was really important for us to be here today to celebrate, because we are born and raised Philadelphians. We are in the heart of south Philly, and we won over the Eagles. This was a significant Super Bowl,” Abbruzzi said.

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