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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs confirmed to FOX4 Wednesday night that Britt Reid is no longer employed by the club.

He had been placed on administrative leave through the duration of his contract as his role in a crash that hurt a 5-year-old girl is under investigation, and that contract has expired.

The National Football League commented on the situation Wednesday for the first time since the serious crash happened last Thursday.

“Our primary concern is for the young girl, her family, and the others who were injured.

The matter will be reviewed under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. We will continue to monitor developments and when law enforcement has completed its review we will address this matter and take any appropriate action.”

There’s no word right now if Britt Reid is still in the hospital, after his dad, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid shared Monday that he had surgery and was recovering. 

Five-year-old Ariel Young is still in critical condition at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The GoFundMe page for Young is nearing a staggering half-million dollars in donations.

People from around the world have pledged support after Thursday night’s crash left the child fighting for her life. Donors have shared inspiring messages about their own experiences, including one reading: “My brother suffered a traumatic brain injury main years ago…After many months in a coma, he did wake up. Keep the faith.” 
Others feeling compelled to “help in some small way” and sending prayers that “God keep this beautiful baby girl safe.” 
Kansas City Police aren’t answering any questions about the crash as it remains under investigation, but the department did tell FOX4 the Chiefs organization and NFL have not made any formal requests for information in the case.

We’ve also learned the truck police records show Britt Reid was driving had dealer tags registered to Airport Chrysler-Dodge-Ram-Jeep in Platte City. We’ve contacted the dealership several times to ask how Britt got the truck but they’ve not responded.   

However, Missouri driver laws state businesses issued dealer plates must account for all their tags at all times and limits who can drive the vehicle. Any driver using a dealer tagged vehicle more than two days must have signed and dated written documentation. 

Kansas City police say this investigation will take at least a month to finish. As part of that, blood test results to determine if Britt Reid was driving impaired will take four to six weeks or more.

Then prosecutors will review it, potentially for several more weeks, before any criminal charges are filed.