KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany took her thoughts to Twitter once again Tuesday.

This time, she thinks an apology is in order from fans and doubters who said the Chiefs would not be any good this season.

Her husband, Patrick Mahomes, earned his second Lombardi trophy and second Super Bowl MVP award Sunday in the franchise’s last four years, doing it all on a high right ankle sprain against one of the NFL’s defensive teams — the Philadelphia Eagles — in a 38-35 triumph.

He also threw for 182 yards on 27 completed passes and three touchdowns. In addition, he ran for 44 total yards on the ground.

“I think a lot of people need to apologize for what they said about this team at the beginning of this season,” Brittany Mahomes wrote on Twitter.

The noise rose at the beginning of the season as division rivals Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders added impact players to their offenses, coupled with the Chiefs trading away receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins.

The Broncos acquired Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, and the Raiders traded for Davante Adams from the Green Bay Packers.

All of the moves left many wondering whether the Chiefs would win the AFC West, and not achieve the same heights of recent seasons.

Any questions about whether Kansas City would be a formidable foe were quickly answered. The Chiefs racked up 10 wins by early December, earned the AFC’s top seed, and finished the season on an eight-game winning streak, capping the season with the franchise’s third Super Bowl in Arizona.

Following the parade, the Chiefs start the offseason with another homefield advantage when the 2023 NFL Draft kicks off in Kansas City at the end of April.