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ROELAND PARK, Kan. — Some of the cheapest Chiefs tickets for this weekend’s Chiefs vs. Bengals game are nearly $500. But two teens in the Kansas City area scored four tickets ‘for free.’ They also got a lesson in peace and kindness.

One generous priest traveling the world gifted two students at St. Agnes Catholic School two tickets each to the AFC Championship game.

Graham Walsh andLuke Allen, both 13, are jumping for joy.

“I’d say I’m very blessed for this,” Allen said.

Father Jim Sichko is a Papal Missionary of mercy for Pope Francis.

He held a three day retreat at St. Agnes and these 13-year-olds attended night after night.

“If you trust in the Lord then you will always be blessed a thousand fold,” Walsh said.

Taking a page out of Butker’s book, they stayed focused. The boys correctly answered questions about Jesus and the Bible and picked th right envelopes, with gold and red tickets inside.

“I was trying to keep it cool but my legs were shaking a lot,” Allen siad.

“I felt that they were really brave enough to get in front of these 400 people and basically it was the luck of the draw,” Sichko said.

“I understand that maybe you got hold of these tickets through Harrison Butker, did you run into him, did you bless his feet?” FOX4’s Regan Porter asked Sichko

“Let me say this. Harrison is a great guy, a great catholic…and when I needed to get a selfie with him, he took one,” Sichko said laughing.

Sure, the Chiefs tickets are great, but Sichko taught the 400 people in attendance two things. Lessons on kindness and generosity.

“They trusted that regardless of what was to come from it, it was going to be okay and i think that’s the beauty,” Sichko said. “That’s really what life is about, you’ve just got to do the best you can, you’ve got to try and go for it.”

“Trusintg in God that when you’re willing to be generous, when you’re willing to give what you have,
you’ll receive a thousand times over,” Priest of St. Agnes Church Father Bill Porter said.

That message rooted in the Gospel, as these students root for their Chiefs.

“Stay calm, just like any other game,” Walsh said. “You’ve got this loud crowd behind you. Take advantage of it and just win.”

St. Agnes is praying for a Chiefs win, even sending up some extra Hail Marys.

“Maybe a trip to the super bowl,” Walsh said.

“We already have. play to their God gifted abilities,” Porter said.

The Chiefs and the Bengals face off at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. Kickoff is at 2 p.m.