C is for Chiefs: Dad teaching baby girl football fundamentals early


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro dad knows you’ve gotta start early if you want to instill certain values in your children.

Justin Easterwood is the owner of Chef J BBQ in Kansas City. He’s also a lifelong Chiefs fan.

As soon as his daughter Mila was born, he knew his love of the Chiefs was something he wanted to pass along.

Instead of jumping right in with the X’s and O’s of football, he decided to begin with something a little more on Mila’s level. The “Chiefs A B Cs.”

“G. G is for guard, goal line marker, gloves, game, goalpost. The goal line and the goal line marker are important here because that’s where you score touchdowns. We have to cross that marker right there, just the very tip of the football , and we get touchdowns,” Easterwood said in a video he posted on Facebook.

People can’t get enough of the adorable video. It’s already been viewed thousands of times.



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