INGLEWOOD, Calif. — A local artist based out of San Diego is putting his fandom for the Los Angeles Chargers on display in a big way.

On Thursday Night Football, the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Chargers at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and walked away with a nail-biting 27-24 victory, but one of the biggest plays of the night was made by Chargers safety Derwin James.

With a minute-and-a-half left in the third quarter, the Chiefs were trailing by 3 and as Patrick Mahomes scrambled out of the pocket, he found tight end Travis Kelce, who immediately began sprinting toward the goal line.

Instead of scoring a touchdown to take the lead, the All-Pro tight end was met by the All-Pro safety who lifted him off his feet and slammed him to the ground.

Perhaps what makes it most impressive, James stands 6-foot-2-inches tall and weighs in at 216 pounds. Kelce stands 6-foot-5 and weighs in at 260 pounds.

The moment went viral as it was another chapter in the rivalry between the Chargers and Chiefs, as well as the constant battles between Kelce and James.

Paul Jimenez, one of the founders of Ground Floor Murals, took the incredible image and immortalized it on a wall in Inglewood, California, for all to see.

Ground Floor Murals was started during the COVID-19 pandemic, putting a focus on art and community on display.

Growing up, there was little representation in art and media for us to relate to. We want to provide that for areas that need more of it. Our drive is to pay homage to the cultures that formed us. The walls that surrounded us shaped us into who we are, so to paint them all would be our greatest privilege.

Our Story – Ground Floor Murals

Hailing from San Diego, the former home of the Chargers, the homage to the Derwin James tackle does just that.

3 friends, 2 hours of painting, 1 wonderful day in Inglewood.

I know this one might sting a little but I won’t deny myself my childhood pride of being a chargers fan anymore plus dam I miss my chargers starter jackets.

What made this piece great was the man who said he’s lived in Inglewood all his life and has never seen anything like this and thanked us for making his neighborhood better. That’s the real reason why we do this.

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The Chiefs and Chargers rivalry has history and Thursday’s matchup was another one for the books. The rivalry creates fans and those fans, create art.

The next time these two AFC West rivals meet will be in Inglewood at SoFi Stadium on Nov. 20.