BELTON, Mo. — A super-sized version of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid has taken over a corn field in Belton, Missouri.

Johnson Farms, Plants & Pumpkins created a new corn maze in honor of Big Red.

Visitors can now wander through the eyes, cheeks and mustaches of the Chiefs future Hall of Fame coach.

The lines were cut using GPS systems. The farm’s owner said the maze overcame the odds to make it to harvest.

“It was kind of unusual the way the corn stayed nice and green because it was planted kind of late and we’ve had just enough rain to keep it growing properly,” owner Tom Johnson said.

“And it’s even going to make ears, and it’s even going to make some kind of a viable crop. We’re really excited about that.”

If Reid makes it out to the farm, Johnson said he’ll give him a dozen pumpkin spice and apple cider doughnuts.

The corn maze is open through Oct. 31. Johnson Farms also has you-pick pumpkins, apples and veggies, you-cut sunflowers and more fall family fun. Admission is $14 for weekdays and $17 on weekends.