KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While the Kansas City Chiefs deal with their injuries to receivers, the Los Angeles Chargers appear poised to welcome back two of their core receivers in Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.

Chiefs Cornerback Trent McDuffie is well aware of the challenge the two LA receivers present.

“They’ve been starters, they’re vets, so, (Justin) Herbert trusts them with the ball,” McDuffie said. The timing is going to be back so I think the big thing for the Defensive Backs is to disrupt that timing and just know they’re fresh, they’re new.”

Of course, Justin Herbert is still playing at a high level, ranking 6th in the league in passing yards at 2.450, but his passer rating ranks 18th in the league. But, he does a few things that Patrick Mahomes is impressed by.

“He’s a special arm talent. He throws some passes that I don’t think anyone can throw in this league and that includes myself. He has a cannon for an arm, you watch – I watch on film every week because we play similar opponents – there’s some throws that you just kind of shake your head because they are just that special. I understand that it’ll be a great challenge for us as a team to go up against the Chargers and the talent that they have over there,” Mahomes said. “How can we match that intensity (and) how can we match that talent and go out there and win a football game is what we have to focus on.”

“He can throw the ball anywhere, so being able to limit his passing lanes. I think (Chargers RB) Austin Ekeler is also a great player who can do a lot of things,” McDuffie said. “He’s really good out of the backfield, catching passes and in the run game, so I think limiting those two to as less yards as we can as a defense is going to help us out the most.”

With a win the Chiefs can go up three games in the AFC West, but Patrick Mahomes is focused on winning the division, he’s focused simply on winning the next game.

“We’re not looking ahead to being three games up or whatever it is, we’re looking at what can we do to win today so that we can win on Sunday,” he said.