KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs fans might recognize the man in a wolf mask in the Los Angeles Chargers’ schedule release video.

The Chiefs’ AFC West rivals dropped an anime-style video Thursday night to reveal their 2023 schedule. Their anime video from last offseason went viral, so it’s no surprise they used the animation style again.

In the video, the Chargers show short clips to represent each of their season opponents, and for their Week 7 matchup with the Chiefs, the Chargers show a man wearing a wolf mask with a hat that reads “ChiefsAholic.”

The masked man can be seen ripping off a device around his ankle.

Later in the video, when the Chargers reveal their Week 18 game with the Chiefs, the masked ChiefsAholic is now driving down the street in a police chase with a helicopter overhead.

It’s all in reference to the Chiefs superfan whose real name is Xaviar Babudar.

Babudar, or “ChiefsAholic” as most Chiefs fans know him, was arrested and charged in a December bank robbery near Tulsa, Oklahoma, while allegedly on his way to a Chiefs game in Houston.

Then in March, prosecutors filed more charges against the 28-year-old, saying he removed his ankle monitor and skipped a court hearing.

Weeks later, there is still a warrant out for Babudar’s arrest. If found, he will be arrested and held on a $1 million bond.