KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid finds himself in a unique situation after winning the AFC Championship.

Reid will soon enter his 10th season with the Chiefs. The organization hired him in 2013 after the Philadelphia Eagles fired him.

Reid is the only NFL coach to win 100 games and appear in four consecutive conference championships with two different franchises. Those teams happen to be the Chiefs and the Eagles.

Now Reid’s past and present will collide at Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, which includes another first.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce are the first brothers to ever face off in a Super Bowl.

Reid is one of just two NFL head coaches to coach both brothers, giving him an interesting perspective on the Kelces since they were drafted.

“I think Travis has grown up a lot. I think Jason came in probably more mature, big brother. And Travis was a little more immature, but he’s really grown and a good person,” Reid said.

Both brothers have also developed into great athletes with each named to the NFL’s 2023 Pro Bowl. Reid said he isn’t surprised with their success in the NFL.

“They’re both at heart very competitive and compassionate, I think is the biggest thing. They care, and they care about people and they care about their game, their trade,” Reid said.

Reid also knows each brother’s personality and said it was probably pretty interesting growing up as a Kelce over the years.

“Travis is the little brother, and I think big brother probably protected him so Travis could do some crazy things. He probably talked him from jumping off a ladder into the raked up leaves once or twice,” Reid said.

Reid believes each athlete will be prepared to bring their best to the Super Bowl on Feb. 12.