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PHOENIX, Ariz. — Eric Bieniemy’s lengthy resume with the Kansas City Chiefs should have already warranted him a chance at a head coaching job in the NFL.

But, despite helping engineer one of the most successful offenses in league history with two Super Bowl victories, he has continually gotten passed over by candidates not as proven and with lesser credentials.

Bieniemy took an offensive coordinator job with the Washington Commanders this offseason, where he is expected to have full control of the offense.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid stated the importance of Bieniemy moving on at the annual NFL Owners meeting on Monday.

“This will give EB an opportunity to move in and run the whole show, get my name out of it and put his name on it, and I think that’s important right now,” Reid said.

“I was for it, as much as I’ma miss him, I was for it because he deserves an opportunity. Nobody works harder than EB does, so he deserves that opportunity to become a head coach.”

There has been a multitude of reasons attributed to Bieniemy being passed up, whether it be race—as there are only three Black head coaches in the NFL and he was cited in Brian Flores’ discrimination lawsuit against the NFL back in 2022—or him being under Reid.

The Chiefs will go into next season with Matt Nagy as the offensive coordinator as they look to defend their title.

Bieniemy now looks to continue his success, this time running the offense for the Commanders.