Chiefs confident in COVID protocols ahead of game against New England at Arrowhead


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the New England Patriots for the team’s second home game of the 2020 season.

The Chiefs remain one of the few NFL teams allowing fans in the stands, so they have to take COVID-19 protocol.

The team said a lapse in testing led to fan who was COVID positive getting into a lower level suite during the home opener with the Texans. Ten fans had to quarantine because of this.

The Chiefs wouldn’t elaborate on what the issue was or how it’s been fixed, citing legal health protections, but said they’re confident with the process ahead of the big game with the Pats.

Aaron Wagner intends to go to the game and said he’s equally confident in the precautions the team is taking with the pandemic.

“You kind of have to weigh the risks, pros and cons,” Wagner said. “I’ve seen how they’ve been spacing the fans out. I think that they’re doing it fairly well.”

Arrowhead Stadium is at 22% capacity with fans spaced out and wearing masks.

Right now, Clinical Reference Laboratory is testing fans who will be in suites Sunday.

“All the results that we have, if you’re within two or three days of going in, you’re using the 72-hour window, which is the same as Hawaii is using if you want to get a flight to Hawaii,” CRL CEO Robert Thompson said.  “That’s a pretty safe measure if you were negative, you’re going to be negative on game day.”

Dr. Rex Archer from the Kansas City Health Department said fans were tested and turned away in the first home game.

“Out of that first 903, there were four positive individuals, so we would expect a few positives again, yes,” Archer said.

Those numbers likely won’t be known until Sunday, but fans say that won’t stop them from going to the game.

“They’re being as safe as they can with it, which is why I definitely want to go,” Wagner said.

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