FRANKFURT, Germany — The Kansas City Chiefs had their final practice of the week in Germany after starting the week in Kansas City.

The Chiefs landed around 10 a.m. local time in Frankfurt and practiced at 3: 45 p.m. local time for a quick turnaround on their final prep day before facing the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

The Dolphins have been in Frankfurt since Monday and former Chief/current Dolphin star receiver Tyreek Hill said he still feels a little tired on Thursday from the travel and time change.

But Chiefs players have insisted that they got some good rest on the 10-hour flight and they are ready to face the Dolphins for the top of the AFC.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes: “It’s really cool just to be on this stage, the world stage in Germany. I’ve been wanting to get to Germany for a while working with Adidas and ( fashion company Hugo) Boss and some of the companies I work with. To be able to be here playing football against a great football team, it’s gonna be a tremendous experience and I’m glad I get to experience it.”

Defensive tackle Chris Jones: “The plane ride was amazing. We got to put the coaches at the back of the plane and they let us sit at the front, take up all the seats.

“Landing here has been amazing. The people have been very [open] to us being here. I’m excited man. We get to play Miami Dolphins, in Germany, internationally bringing the game here for more pub… I’m looking forward to Sunday.”

Safety Justin Reid: It’s been really special coming out here. I love the atmosphere, all the energy that’s over here. We get to be in this world-class facility that they’re able to partner up with to let us come and get our work done here and get ready to play a game on Sunday. I got to play in an international game before and these games are always so unique.

“This crowd is cheering for both sides at the same time, random jerseys. You might see a Baltimore jersey or whatever just in the stands. It’s a unique experience and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Kicker Harrison Butker: “I did some research on the stadium (Deutsche Bank Park) we’re playing. 2006 FIFA World Cup was there and looking at all the teams you see David Beckham played there, Ronaldo, probably Ronaldinho. A lot of top soccer players and growing up as a soccer player makes me pretty excited.”

Tight end Travis Kelce: “There’s been a lot of talk about us coming out here later and maybe not having that time to acclimate and everything. I’ll be the one to say that we got a team that we’re ready to roll anytime, anywhere, whether it’s in the parking lot, whether it’s on some nice grass or a mud field, we don’t care man. It’s all mental for us and we’re ready to rock n’ roll.”

While the late flight doesn’t leave the team much time to explore the country, they hounded that their focus is to win a football game against a very good Dolphins team.

They will get that chance on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. CT.