Chiefs fan wins Super Bowl tickets from same company as his grandfather 50 years ago

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PLEASANTON, Kan. -- A Pleasanton, Kansas, car dealer will attend Super Bowl LIV, 50 years after his grandparents attended Super Bowl IV.

Both earned their trips through contests or ticket lotteries sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Waldo Cox opened Cox Motor Company, a Ford dealership, back in 1946 in Pleasanton. At the time of Super Bowl IV, Ford ran a promotion for dealers who sold the most cars to earn Super Bowl tickets.

"Every time I got the opportunity, I'd remind them if you ever decide to do anything with those Super Bowl tickets, I'd like to have them," Cox's grandson Jesse Secrest said.

Secrest eventually took over the dealership and has his grandparents framed tickets in his office. Demand and prices have gone up a bit since those $15 Super Bowl IV tickets to see the Chiefs take on the Vikings in Tulane Stadium.

Ford no longer offers Super Bowl sales promotions but instead has a lottery for all Midwest Ford dealers. Secrest had never won -- until this year. He found out back in December.

"The instant that the Chiefs made it, I knew it would be something that I could share with my family for the rest of my life," Secrest said.

Like his grandfather, he'll take his wife.

"He grew up in the business with his grandfather and his mother, so for all this to come together is almost like a dream come true," Kathy Secrest said.

The Cox family legacy is enshrined in Linn County's Historical Museum and the adjoining antique car garage with cars dating back to a 1920 Model T that the Cox family accepted in a trade. None of the vehicles Cox sold retailed for as much as the two Super Bowl LIV tickets, worth a total of $7,400 face value.

"The experiences and opportunities my wife and I are going to have and be able to share with our kids and our grandkids -- you can`t put a price on that," Secrest said of the opportunity.



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