KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From the analysis of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ stride to the podium, to his description of his progress, people are paying close attention to all information about QB1’s high ankle sprain.

They have a lot to say about it too. There was a lot of positive chatter on the heels of Wednesday’s update at the Fan Zone at Union Station.

There were sighs of relief seeing Mahomes walking and expressing optimism but that’s not to say all the fan anxiety has disappeared.

Four days later, Mahomes high ankle sprain is still a fresh pain for fans.

“I ain’t going to lie, man. I was nervous man. I was real nervous,” Kansas City Chiefs fan Tarez Hobby said.

“It was like ‘Oh my gosh’ because I knew we could still beat Jacksonville but Cincy is like the thorn in our side,” Kansas City Chiefs fan Susan Brabant said.

“I thought for sure it was a high ankle sprain. And I thought his season was done,” Kansas City Chiefs fan Benjamin Bogedain said.

“Out of all the injuries that I’ve ever had, the ankle sprain is probably the worst. The pain is excruciating,” Bogedain said.

“It was a three month recovery and I never really fully recovered from it. Because when I had my injury I lost some speed. I lost some strength. So it actually ended my football career,” Bogedain said.

During Wednesday’s update “15” cooled some nerves by talking about his incremental re-introduction, admittedly, on a tight timeline.

“We’ll have to see what happens on Sunday for sure,” Bogedain said.

“I can’t imagine he’s going to be 100% healthy. I’m hoping at least 80%. He’s just going to have to change the way he does a couple of things,” Brabant said.

“He’s so invested and you see it in his character. I mean he doesn’t want to let anyone down – but he’s not going to let us down if he heals,” Kansas City Chiefs fan Donna Boemier said.

“Look at how all the other quarterbacks are trying to emulate him. All of them. They’re trying to do this stuff or he’s looking this way and throwing it that way. The guy’s amazing,” Boemier said.