KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You go to Arrowhead and you expect to find hamburgers on the grill, cornhole and fans playing football.

But in a new Red Era for Chiefs Kingdom, there were games of Swiftie Shoes and Swifties caught up in the potential Travis and Taylor Love Story.

“I want to see Taylor Swift however she comes in please let me see her,” Cameron Martin said.
Fans camped out on traffic barriers and lined the entrances to Arrowhead most asking the same question.

“We’re looking for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, you see them yet. Not yet they might have already passed we see a lot of cars with tinted windows. Hopefully they haven’t passed and Travis Kelce is in his convertible again,” Harper Centlivre said.

Of course not everyone in sequins is a Swiftie.

“Are we trying to attract any certain pop stars attention today? No absolutely this is everyday bling,” Gabbie Rice answered.

“If you could see Kelce or Taylor Swift ride by who would you rather see? Kelce for sure,” Julian Mancero answered.

Fans staking out the suites entrance saw Royals owner John Sherman and Brittany Mahomes head into Arrowhead.

Just a handful of fans were lucky enough to a catch Taylor’s version of an Arrowhead entrance, as she made her way into the player’s tunnel in a golf cart, and their wildest dreams came true.

“That was incredible I saw a glimpse of her but my breath has been taken away for sure,” John Cornelisse said.

Kansas City Chiefs fans worked on filling in every last inch of space in the parking lots surrounding Arrowhead Stadium ahead of Thursday’s matchup with the Denver Broncos.

FOX4 hit the pavement, talking to them about a variety of topics.

Some of those wild fans who wait in the parking line for hours said they were unprepared for the chilly weather.

Other fans just said, for a variety of reasons, they’re feeling weird. They think the Chiefs will win — but there are some unique ingredients to Thursday night’s game.

For example, gusty weather isn’t just a concern for special teams.

“Rookie mistake. I’m in flip flops. I’m calling everyone I know who does not come early to grab clothes for me. I live in Liberty. Please grab me clothes,” Alex Vander Veen said.

Clothing is also a question for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. He’s likely going to suit up, but will he play?

“Sit Travis Kelce. We’ll need him in like four weeks,” Vander Veen said.

“Oh, I definitely think he’ll play. I think that this is just kind of one of those scare tactics where they’re trying to scare the other team that he’s questionable, but he’ll really play,” Jessica Davidson said.

“It’ll go to [Justin] Watson, and it’ll go to [Justyn] Ross. It will go to [Isiah] Pacheco out of the back. We’re going to be fine,” Zach Weigelt said.

There’s also the haze cast by Taylor Swift’s predicted appearance, but there’s a difference between being in the stands and watching the television broadcast.

“When you’re attending the game, the TV does not show you 17 shots of Taylor. You have no idea,” Vander Veen said.

“I love Taylor Swift with all my heart, and I just hope we get a song. I don’t care what the song’s about — I just want the song. So as soon as she’s ready to release the song, we’re ready,” Vander Veen added.

“I like football. I don’t really care about all that. Hey, show her once, and let’s get past it,” Scott Terpening said.

“It’s not the normal vibe out here today … I’m not feeling it. No. The people aren’t their normal… I don’t know. We’re not playing well,” Terpening said.

The other discussion in the parking lots is the cakewalk vs. the trap game, or when a playoff contender falls to an underdog. Most fans that FOX4 talked to said they’d really like to see a beatdown Thursday as a tune up for the Los Angeles Chargers next week.