Chiefs heading back to AFC Championship, Mahomes status questionable


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When the going gets tough, once again, the Kansas City Chiefs showed they can deliver.

Leading 19-10, Patrick Mahomes left for the locker room in the 3rd quarter, after taking a huge hit from Browns linebacker, Mack Wilson. Veteran quarterback, Chad Henne replaced Mahomes. 

Henne led the Chiefs to a field goal and game-clinching 4th down pass to Tyreek Hill, giving the Chiefs a 22-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Mahomes tweeted #HenneThingIsPossible, after Henne secured the Chiefs third-straight trip to the AFC Championship, in which the Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills. 

But will Mahomes play? It’s a question all of Chiefs Kingdom wants to know.

According to the Chiefs, Mahomes is being evaluated for a concussion. 

The NFL’s 5-step concussion protocol.

1. Rest and Recovery — The player is prescribed rest, until his signs and symptoms and neurological examination, including cognitive and balance tests, return to baseline status.

2. Light Aerobic Exercise — Under the direct oversight of the team’s medical staff, the player should begin graduated cardiovascular exercise and may also engage in dynamic stretching and balance training. 

3. Continued Aerobic Exercise & Strength Training — The player continues with supervised cardiovascular exercises that are increased and may mimic sport specific activities, and supervised strength training is introduced. 

4. Football Specific Activities — The player-patient may continue cardiovascular conditioning, strength and balance training and participate in non-contact football activities such as throwing, catching, running and other position-specific activities.

5. Full Football Activity — Once cleared by the team physician, the player may participate in all aspects of practice.



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