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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A USA Today ranking of all 32 NFL teams’ helmets has the Kansas City Chiefs helmet logo in the bottom half of the list.

The ranking includes the each teams’ standard helmet and excludes any alternate helmets that a franchise may use during the season.

The Chiefs’ classic red helmet with the white arrowhead logo came in at 19th overall behind the New York Giants and ahead of the Arizona Cardinals.

Between the red and white of the helmet and the yellow accents in the uniforms, all the Chiefs need is some green to complete the full complement of hot-dog-topping colors.

USA Today

Kansas City’s helmet design has remained virtually unchanged since the team moved from Dallas to the Midwest in 1963, with updates only to the actual helmets being used.

The all red helmets with white logo have remained a staple for the franchise with throwback designs being the only alternates ever used.

Even the throwback alternates feature the same color choices, but instead of an arrowhead, it features an outline of the state of Texas in white, with a red star that indicates the location of the city of Dallas.

In 2022, teams will be allowed to use alternate helmets, so the throwback design may make an appearance for the Chiefs.

The top-ranked helmet belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the Tennessee Titans come in at last place.

In the AFC West, the Chiefs come in third, ahead of the Denver Broncos (30) and behind the Las Vegas Raiders (6) and Los Angeles Chargers (2).