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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs guard Jeff Allen got in a bit of a sticky spot Saturday before KC’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. His car got stuck in the snow.

That’s when a man named Dave, driving a black Suburban, stopped to help and pulled him out.

The best part: Dave didn’t know he was helping a Chiefs player.

Allen wanted to thank Dave by giving him tickets to the AFC Championship game next weekend. The only problem? He didn’t know how to get in contact with Dave.

So he took the search to social media, hoping Chiefs Kingdom could help him out — and it did.

Allen said he told the fan who he was — that’s how he learned his name was Dave. But before he could save his number in his phone, someone called him.

When the call was over, the number was gone — and so was Dave.

Later Saturday morning, Allen updated Chiefs fans that he found the true Dave (despite a lot of people pretending to be Dave).

Sometimes social media can be really useful!