KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is bringing the trash talk days after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win.

Smith-Schuster posted a Valentine’s Day card featuring Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry with the note saying “I’ll hold you when it means the most.” This refers to Bradberry’s holding call to set the Chiefs up for Super Bowl win.

Bradberry has been debated since Sunday’s game, with some fan, including his roommate; AJ Brown disliking the call in the biggest moment of the game.

Brandberry admitted that he held Smith Schuster in his postgame press conference.

“First off congratulations. Y’all deserve it .This is lame. You was on the way out the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your 1 year deal Tik-Tok boy . He admitted that he grabbed you but don’t act like your like that or ever was. But congratulations again!

Brown immediately rushed to Brandberry’s defense.