SAINT JOSEPH, Mo. — A little friendly rivalry is always nice to have among teammates. A few Kansas City Chiefs players have developed one early in their careers.

Offensive guard Trey Smith played in college at the University of Tennessee. Rookie defensive tackle Keondre Coburn played at the University of Texas.

Both schools regard their initials as UT and don the color orange in different shades.

Smith said Coburn is an “extremely hard worker” and fun to be around. They just disagree on one little thing.

“Tennessee and Texas, which one’s going to be the real UT? So we talk about that every day,” the Jackson, Tennessee, native said.

“The real orange. Tennessee orange,” Smith said.

With Texas joining the SEC next season, the two teams could begin to face each other often. And Coburn is ready to make some friendly wagers with Smith.

“I ain’t even worried about Trey. It’s UT over here,” the Tyler, Texas, native said.

“But yeah, you know, Texas is the real UT that I know, that I grew up knowing. Tennessee, I just found out about them just a couple minutes ago. It’s cool,” Coburn said.

“We’re going to bet, obviously we’re going to see, but I got some outfits for him to wear, too. I got a big little letterman, Texas shirt, jacket he can wear, things like that. He’s going to wear it, too. I’m going to bet him.”

The Chiefs have a few other Texas alum to go with Coburn currently on the roster with undrafted rookie safety Anthony Cook and veteran defensive end Charles Omenihu. All are Texas natives as well.

Joining Smith as a Tennessee alum is undrafted rookie guard Jerome Carvin who also hails from the state.

As the year progresses, we shall see when Smith and Coburn bet on their beloved alma maters and what the price of those bets will be.