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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After 24 hours the mystery is over. Chiefs fans tracked down a man who was kind to a woman with autism at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills last weekend. They tracked him all the way to Illinois outside of St. Louis.

FOX4’s story aired across the Midwest, including KTVI in St. Louis. When people saw it in the area they knew exactly who he was and flooded his inbox with messages.

Brian “BT” Thomas lives in Belleville, Illinois and has always been a Chiefs fan. He and some friends made the trek to Arrowhead for last Sunday’s game. Thomas says Chiefs Kingdom has a new meaning for him.

A little kindness can go a long way. In Thomas’ case — more than 250 miles.

“It was insane. It was just the atmosphere like I always tell everybody like arrowhead is the happiest place on earth. Like it’s better in Disneyworld,” Thomas said.

He’s been a Chiefs fan since he was little despite living so far away. The drive was worth it for the game, but that chance meeting made it all the more special.

“Thanks for sitting next to me,” Tima Suluvale said.

Suluvale, 34, has autism and sat alone in the stands when she and her uncle couldn’t get seats together. She just happened to sit next to happy-go-lucky Brian.

“She was having fun. She was super nice. Yeah, we did a lot of high fives,” Thomas said.

When Tima’s family saw their selfie and how Brian treated her kindly they wanted to say thank you. Her sister, Sa’euteuga Suluvale, posted the story on Facebook and it went viral. We aired their story here on FOX4 and it made its way to St. Louis where a bunch of people said, “hey, we know that guy.”

“I’m speechless about all of this really, like, everybody coming together to find him and help me thank him,” Sa’euteuga Suluvale said.

Thomas said he didn’t even realize Tima has special needs when they were watching the game together.

“I had no idea,” Thomas said. “It just made it better. And it made her happy and our family happy. Especially they had to be a little freaked out that she’s there by herself. And the fact she couldn’t sit with her uncle.”

“I’m glad this was a great experience and, and that she had a great time with someone special,” Sa’euteuga Suluvale said.

While they don’t live down the street by any means, Thomas said whenever the Chiefs are playing now he will think of Tima.

“Every time I watch it, I’ll think about it and be like, Yeah, I got I got a friend. Another friend and another Chiefs fan,” Thomas said.

And Tima feels the same.

“Thank you, Brian, for being there for me,” Tima said.

Tima’s sister said they reached out to Brian and are waiting to connect. They are hoping in the future Tima can Zoom with Thomas and say hello.