PHILADELPHIA — The center for the Philadelphia Eagles may have lost his dream of winning Super Bowl LVII, but he still received something incredible.

Two days after the Eagles faced the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, a new dream came true for the NFL center.

After the game, thousands of Chiefs fans made donations to Kelce’s (Be) Philly Foundation. Many of the donations were made in increments of $14.90, the sum of the Kelce brothers jerseys. Other fans donated $38 for the points the Chiefs scored against the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

(Be)Philly works with Philadelphia kids and teenagers to help them realize and achieve their potential.

Prior to the Super Bowl, less than $10,000 had been donated to the charity. Since the game the donations started pouring in. Now more than 6,000 donations have been made totaling nearly $150,000.

Jason Kelce wrote a special message for Chiefs Kingdom on Instagram.

“Chiefs Kingdom sure knows how to win with class, and I cannot thank you all enough for supporting the (Be)Philly Foundation’s mission here in Philadelphia,” Kelce wrote.

Kelce said the generosity and donations from Chiefs fans humbled him.

To learn more about (Be) Philly or to make a donation, go to