Chiefs Kingdom rally draws hundreds of thousands of fans celebrating historical win

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wednesday’s champions parade culminated with a huge Chiefs Kingdom rally in front of Union Station. Fans filed from the parade route to fill the Liberty Memorial lawn with a sea of red and gold.

“It’s amazing. Woo! Definitely lit. We’re so excited to be here. Kansas City Chiefs!” sisters Amanda and Ronica Gutierrez said.

Many fans came extra early around 3 a.m. to secure their front row seats to the celebration of football history.

“It means the world to me. It means the world to everyone. I mean, look at everyone out here. It’s cold. It’s snowing, but we’re still out here,” fan Darren Cahill said.

And the energy level in the crowds was through the roof.

“Chiefs came through and did their thing. We should of got it last year but they done played us, but it’s cool. We got the new thing. Pat Mahomes, baby!” a fan said.

Even Santa claimed his stake in helping provide champions parade magic.

“Merry Chiefsmas! And Ma-ho-ho-homes!” he said.

Santa said he delivered the snow and a present the kingdom’s been wanting a long time.

“Oh, you guys have been wanting the Super Bowl trophy for 50 years and so it’s been on the wish list a number of years, and we finally were able to deliver that last present that was in the bag,” Santa said.

And fans showed their appreciation in shoulder to shoulder red and gold, cheering on the ownership, coaches and team who made it happen.

“I’m ecstatic. Our Chiefs are world champions. It’s the best feeling,” fan Martin Moss said.

And Chiefs Kingdom certainly hopes they get to do this all again, potentially next year.



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