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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs rookie LB Nick Bolton was awarded Defensive Rookie of the Month for the month of October just two weeks ago.

So far this season, he is in the top 20 of the NFL with 75 combined tackles and is top 10 in the league with 10 tackles for loss.

After seeing more than 35 snaps throughout the first half of the season, he has seen 27 snaps vs. the New York Giants and 19 snaps vs. the Las Vegas Raiders (his lowest snap count of the season).

Part of that is due to the recent injury and return of veteran LB Anthony Hitchens. But Bolton and head coach Andy Reid are very high on Bolton’s development so far this season.

“[In] the [Tennessee] Titans game, things start to slow down a little bit. Went back to playing Mike and then coming back from the outside, the game starts to slow down when you go from outside to in,” Bolton said.

“Games starting to slow down a little bit better, seeking in a little bit better. Just trying to get better every single week still though.”

“Just his numbers alone are tremendous and his knack for the game. Just that feel he’s got. Smart kid,” Reid said.

“He talks on the field and he’s accurate with what he’s putting out there. So all that senior leadership that we have on the defense they’re willing to listen to him because they know he knows his stuff.”

Reid also credits Hitchens for helping Bolton get adjusted to the NFL game.

“To have Hitch there for him has been like [an] A+ to be able to talk to him and understand the game like Hitch does and be able to share that I think is big.”

As Bolton looks to finish his rookie year strong, he says he is always looking to get better.

“I’m tremendously better than I was in week one. More comfortable wise. Again, still not where I wanna be. I got a couple plays out there that I feel that I could’ve made up to this point in the season. In the back half, I hope to make those,” Bolton said.

Bolton has started in every game this season.