PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback had a big rival in high school that not many would think of.

In his time at Whitehouse High in Texas, Patrick Mahomes went against several future professional athletes.

One he remembers, in particular, is Philadelphia Eagles practice squad wide receiver Greg Ward who the Chiefs will face in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday.

Ward went to John Tyler High in Tyler, Texas and Mahomes remembers their battles well.

“Greg used to beat me in everything,” Mahomes said on Tuesday. “People don’t understand how great of an athlete Greg was in high school. He played everything.”

Mahomes recalled one of the football games between the two in 2012 when Whitehouse was winning 24-0 but ultimately lost the game 45-38.

“They had some great players over there, they were our rival high school. We ended up beating them once they were gone.”

Ward was a quarterback in high school and in college at Houston but switched positions to wide receiver once he got to the NFL. The two have played once in the NFL when the Chiefs beat the Eagles last season 42-30.

Ward caught a touchdown while Mahomes threw for 278 yards and five touchdowns.

The QB1 couldn’t beat the former QB’s team in high school but he did beat Ward’s team in 2021 and hopes to do it again for all the marbles.

“I’m just hoping I can get some payback this week.”