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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs have been playing at Arrowhead Stadium since 1972.

But with the Kansas City Royals eyeing a move to downtown, the Chiefs may be doing so as well.

“John Sherman was thoughtful enough to give us a heads up that they were going to make that announcement and that it was something they were considering,” Hunt told reporters Thursday.

“Obviously, we’ve been connected to the Royals for almost 50 years now here at the [Truman] sports complex, so their decision on their long-term future will have an impact on us. We’re going to watch as they go through the process and at some point in the next year or so start thinking about what’s next for the Chiefs from a stadium standpoint.”

Both teams’ lease on their stadiums expires in 2031.

Placing a stadium downtown would give fans more access to restaurants, bars and the use of public transportation.

If the Royals leave Kauffman Stadium, Hunt believes Chiefs fans can have even more of a tailgate experience at the Truman Sports Complex.

“One of the great things about the sports complex is how big it is, and that’s created the opportunity for our fans to have the tremendous tailgate experience that they have before the game each week. So we’re fortunate to have that kind of built-in experience already,” Hunt said. “Obviously, if the Royals weren’t playing at the sports complex, it would open up more space and maybe allow us to do some more programing that we haven’t done in the past.”

The Chiefs completed a $375 million renovation on the stadium in 2010. They’ve also done various smaller projects in the past few years.

With new stadiums being built around the league, another renovation isn’t out of the question either.

“Obviously, things change, and the way fans want to consume the game and the kind of spaces that you need, those things change over time and we’re paying attention to that,” Hunt said.

“We’ve had beautiful stadiums open now in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and there will be things when we get to the end of our lease here in nine or so years that I’m sure we’ll want to incorporate into the stadium. One possibility will be another renovation of Arrowhead.”

Arrowhead Stadium has a seating capacity of 76,416, making it the 27th largest stadium in the United States and the sixth-largest NFL stadium.