KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Despite all the hoopla and concerns about the Kansas City Chiefs’ receivers and the offensive struggles, their path to host a fifth-straight AFC Championship is still clear.

Even after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, they currently sit at 7-3, one game behind the 8-3 Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs still control their own destiny, considering they own the tiebreaker over the Ravens due to a better conference record.

Here’s what the Chiefs remaining schedule looks like:

  • @ Las Vegas Raiders
  • @ Green Bay Packers
  • vs. Buffalo Bills
  • @ New England Patriots
  • vs. Raiders
  • vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • @ LA Chargers

On paper, the schedule looks very favorable for the Chiefs, with their toughest game being against the Bills.

They also own tiebreakers over the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars, who both sit at 7-3 along with the Chiefs.

But based on what we’ve seen so far this season — home-field advantage or not — this will be a tougher path to an AFC Championship and Super Bowl than previous seasons.

The good news is that every contender in the AFC, and the entire NFL, has shown vulnerabilities at some point.

And this is by far the best defense the Chiefs have been dealt under Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

Also, despite their lack of second-half production on offense, their issues seem to be fixable. Each of their three losses this season has included crucial drops late in the fourth quarter that all likely would’ve resulted in points.

So, while this is the most we’ve seen the offense struggle since Mahomes became the starter, the path to another “Arrowhead Invitational” is right in front of them.

You have to assume, with the track record of Mahomes and Reid, that the offense will figure things out as Mahomes has shown he tends to elevate himself and those around him when it matters the most.