CINCINNATI, Ohio — A late-game decision was one of the final straws in the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

During the final offensive Chiefs drive, on 4th and seven on the Bengals’ 37-yard line, Kansas City head coach Andy Reid chose to kick a 55-yard field goal with Harrison Butker that Butker missed.

Reid said he was confident in Butker to tie the game.

“If I don’t think he can make it then I’m not gonna do it,” Reid said with a smile. “I felt like he’s been in a good place, we just gotta execute better all the way around. Shouldn’t really come down to that too but it did and we gotta make sure we do it if we’re gonna be a good football team, all phases gotta take care of business.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was sacked on the play prior to the field goal. He said he follows whatever decision Reid makes.

“I believe we have one of the best kickers in the league so I’m gonna give him the chance to kick the field goal and if coach wants to go for it, then we can make it happen as an offense.”

Mahomes said he can only persuade Reid to go for it by making the offense stay on the field.

“You just stay out there and hope that he calls it, give the fourth down a chance.”

“We pay Butker and we have one of the best kickers in the league so we trust him in those moments and he’s made a lot of big kicks so this one didn’t go our way but if we’re in that moment again, I trust he’ll make it.”

The belief in Harrison Butker is entrenched in the team and Kansas City will regroup as they hit the road to Denver next Sunday.