KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been on the winning and losing side of the NFL’s overtime rules, but now, the league has updated the way overtime plays out in the postseason.

“I wish it would have happened a couple years earlier when I played against Tom [Brady] in the playoffs,” Mahomes said during an interview on Yahoo! Finance. “I’ve had it both ways. I’ve have it where I’ve lost and obviously against the Bills this last year we won on that first possession.”

The league voted to update the rule so that each team is guaranteed a possession, eliminating sudden death on the first drive of overtime.

“You can understand the regular season because you don’t want to just continue to add quarters on guys. Every play is another shot on your body,” Mahomes said. “But in the playoffs, it does hurt whenever you play a game that you feel like you should have a chance to go up there and win and you don’t get a chance because the other team makes some plays and they get a touchdown before you get the ball.”

In the 2019 AFC Championship game, Mahomes led a game-tying drive at the end of regulation to take Brady and the New England Patriots to overtime at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Patriots won the coin toss and drove down the field and scored a touchdown to advance to Super Bowl LVIII while Mahomes and the Chiefs offense watched from the sideline.

On the flip side, just a few months ago, the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills played one of the most high-octane games in the Divisional Round of the playoffs that saw multiple lead changes in the last two minutes of the game.

With 13 seconds left in regulation, Mahomes led the Chiefs down the field to tie the game with a field goal and send it to overtime. This time, Kansas City won the toss and marched down the field to win the game on a Travis Kelce touchdown catch.

In both instances, Mahomes took to the podium after the game and acknowledged that teams have to play and win within the rules of the game.

“I’m sure there will be moments where you feel like its good decision, but then there will be moments where you score that touchdown first and you feel like it’s a bad one,” Mahomes said. “The rules are what the rules are. It’s gonna be different in the playoffs, but your job is to find a way to win the game no matter how long it takes.”

Following the loss to the Patriots in 2019, the Chiefs submitted a proposal for a change to the overtime rule, yet all but a handful of teams rejected it.

This offseason, the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles were successful in their rule change proposal.