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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire shared his experience Monday morning after his plane was unable to take off due to engine problems.

The former first-round draft pick said his flight was getting ready to take off when it was abruptly stopped.

Boyyyyy My plane was boutta take off, im talkin we on da run way, rollin… all of sudden buddy slamming on brakes .. talkin bout engine failure or sumtin mayneeee get me off here son…

Clyde Edwards-Helaire on Twitter

The third-year running back out of LSU then called on his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who has a partnership with private jet company AirShare.

Over being shook nah , the dodge him tooo many timess!!! .. Lol somebody tell pat send the airshare link

Clyde Edwards-Helaire on Twitter

Mahomes responded with laughter, but will surely make sure his running back is safe as time for camp gets closer and closer.