KANSAS CITY, Mo. — New Kansas City Chiefs receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling, or MVS for short, is getting acclimated with his new teammates.

Of course, he and his new teammates got acclimated down in Texas where he was “able to interact on a personal level, not just talk about football, but go out to dinner, do lunch and see what these guys are like.”

Now he’s getting accustomed to Patrick Mahomes after playing with Aaron Rodgers the past four seasons.

“They are both the best quarterbacks to ever play the game,” MVS said. “There’s not much difference, one is just a little bit older. Get open and Pat will find you, he’s the best at the business doing it. Finding open guys and giving them chances.”

MVS said both Rodgers and Mahomes do no-look passes, Mahomes just has a different flair to his.

“Always be prepared because they have eyes in the back of their head,” he said. “They throw the football any kind of way, behind his head, whatever, you know, so, Pat’s gifted like that where he can do those type of things.”

Between he and Mahomes, they’ve both found some common ground.

“He was a baseball player, I was a baseball player, so we can connect on that,” MVS said. “He’s super competitive, he wants to win everything and I’m the same way.”

Head Coach Andy Reid loves how he fits into the Chiefs offense.

“He’s a big kid, but he has really good flexibility, hips, he can change direction,” Reid said. “He’s got that speed, which I think we all knew he had. He’s able to work some of the primary underneath routes. He maybe didn’t do as much in Green Bay because of who they had there, so I’ve been pleased with how he goes about it. Very, very smart kid. He’s doing a nice job for us. Working hard.”

MVS left Green Bay for Kansas City, a former teammate of his, now Raiders WR Davante Adams, is still one of his good friends and they talk frequently and even send clips to evaluate each other, but now he’ll get used to seeing him twice a year.

“So, that’s going to be fun.”