ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The humidity in St. Joe was fairly high today despite the temperature being in the 80s. 

It made for a great day for one of the most anticipated days of Kansas City Chiefs training camp, players putting on the pads for the first time. 

It was still a ramp up period, as head coach Andy Reid is known to put them through long drive team sessions of 15-16 play drives. On Monday, it was only nine as part of the ramp up period.

“I’ll give them a little bit more either every day or every other day. I’m not going to tell you they appreciate it when we’re doing it, but they know down the road it will help them,” Reid said.

“Pads on, summer’s out, it was a dog day but we got through it. Got a lot of work in and got a lot of things to learn from,” tight end Travis Kelce said. “And that’s every day in training camp.  Once you set the tempo of how we work here, Coach Reid’s done it through OTAs, and we’ve had a lot of guys, especially the newer faces, here during OTAs and throughout Training Camp. Everyone’s just hit the ground running.”

“Putting the pads back on is great, everybody’s competing, everybody’s trying to win a job and it’s just a lot of grit out here,” defensive end Mike Danna said. “So, it’s about getting better every day, we’ve got to work on our craft and do what we got to do to make our pass rush better and build that chemistry, so when it comes time for the season we can be rolling.’

This is all part of the process for the defense to be an “attitude” defense this year. The players put in a lot of sweat Monday. Temperatures are expected to go up throughout the week in St. Joseph.