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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A certain running back for our Kansas City Chiefs hands off a big win for one local eatery.

Since Isiah Pacheco started dining at Pegah’s, business has boomed. His favorite meal: the French toast combo — scrambled eggs with cheese on top and sausage links.

For 36 years Pegah’s has been a fan favorite for those across the metro.

“Every time I come here the food has been excellent. I’ve never not had a good meal,” said Shelly Alder, a local who loves the diner.

Pegah’s plates some of the best breakfast, lunch and dinner around town. But as the calendar turns, business is typically slow for the three Pegah’s locations.

“The beginning of January is usually a slow month,” owner Moe Shariff said.

But one customer has helped turn their business up field. Running back Isaiah Pacheco — for the last several months he has made coming here a regular thing.

The diner posted about it on their Facebook, the post circulating with hundreds of likes comments and shares. What happened next was unexpected: a 20% boost in revenue since the posting.

“People started calling us and people coming into the location and some people forgot about us and some people who didn’t come, it reminded them Pegah’s is here and so they start coming in,” Shariff said.

The star running back embracing the place that’s filled him up so many times, even creating a friendship with Teresa Smith, a server at the diner.

“So the first time he came in, I’m going to go buy a jersey of yours,” Smith said.

Signing jerseys, taking pictures and continuing to come back for more — something that doesn’t surprise Chiefs Kingdom.

“I’ve seen a lot of the Chiefs players, probably all of them really, but I noticed a lot of them really are into supporting local businesses and charities,” Alder said.

“Thank you for coming in to the Pegah’s. We’re very proud of him and his family,” Shariff said.