Chiefs superfan asking for help finding 'one-of-a-kind' coat with Eric Berry's signature

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While most Chiefs fans are either coming down from the high of Sunday’s win, preparing for the upcoming AFC Championship game, or setting their sights on the Super Bowl, one fan is looking for her special Chiefs jacket.

Rachel Achille said her jacket was stolen from inside her car outside her home on Locust Drive last week.

“I’ve had the same winter coat for 6 years. It was autographed by Eric Berry. I wear it to every single game, every cold game,” Achille said. “Eric Berry signed it right after he beat cancer, so that was pretty cool, and I got a picture with him that day.”

Achille said the coat is one-of-a-kind with black stripes on the arms and an arrow in the front.

The jacket was stolen along with all of her winter Chiefs gear, including five stocking caps, headbands, gloves and a scarf.

“I bought the jacket at a memorabilia store off Antioch. I’ve never seen other coat like it. If I see it, then I’ll know that it’s mine. No one else has that coat,” Achilles said.

As a self-proclaimed superfan, Achilles said she started attending games and met her “Tailgate Family.”

“It was just like, once I really started to go to the games regularly and met my tailgate family, it was something that brought happiness and joy back to my life. The Chiefs are really special to me,” Achilles said.

As a die-hard Chiefs fan, she’s asking the Kingdom to keep an eye out for the unique and signed outerwear.

“I just hope they were cold, and that’s why they took it. You didn’t break my heart. I mean, I’m going to continue to go to my Chiefs games. It’s not going to stop me from that, but it’s like hurtful, just hurtful,” Achilles said.

Instead of sadness, Achilles said she is looking forward to Sunday. While she hopes her coat is found and returned, she’s also hoping for another win.

Achille asks anyone who sees her jacket to contact her via Facebook.

KCPD is investigating the theft.



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