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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs fans know that “Hennething is Possible” when backup quarterback Chad Henne comes into the game.

Henne earned the nickname two years ago when he led the Chiefs to victory in the divisional round against the Cleveland Browns. Mahomes suffered an injury that knocked him out of the game.

Fast forward to 2023.

Chiefs Kingdom has returned a little bit of that playoff magic to Henne.

Henne found himself stepping back into an AFC Divisional game last week after Mahomes injured an ankle.

Once again, Henne delivered.

He stepped up to lead the Chiefs on a 98-yard drive, eventually finding tight end Travis Kelce in the end zone. The touchdown turned out to be the difference in the football game.

Fans at Arrowhead, and across Chiefs Kingdom, went crazy when Kelce caught the pass.

Kelce celebrated by throwing the football into the stands. Looking back, he said it’s something he wishes he hadn’t done, according to the “New Heights” podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason.

It turns out the pass Kelce caught was Henne’s first touchdown pass in a playoff game.

“I checked the stats. I think it is his first touchdown pass in the playoffs. He’s been in the league since 2008, so I think that might be one that he would want to hold onto. Obviously wasn’t thinking that when I scored. I just got excited,” Kelce said.

On Wednesday, Kelce asked Chiefs fans to help him locate the fan who ended up with the football.

If the Chiefs fan that has the football can reach out to the show and we’ll make sure we get you something in exchange, if you’re willing to let me present that to Chad.

Travis Kelce, Chiefs tight end

Jason Kelce said he had a feeling Travis won’t ever see the ball.

But hours later, the Kelce brothers’ podcast updated on Twitter that “#ChiefsKingdom came through,” seeming to hint that they found the fan who had the football.

Looks like Chiefs Kingdom helped Travis prove his older brother wrong.