PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Kansas City Chiefs star tight end is getting used to his Super Bowl routine.

With the Chiefs in their third Super Bowl in five years, Travis Kelce has built up some tips to get through the week full of practice and media.

“Take naps,” Kelce said on Tuesday. “You gotta find a way to get rest both mentally, physically. I find my little cat naps, little 45 (minutes) to an hour naps throughout the day to help me kind of recharge and stay focused on the task at hand.”

The 33-year-old has been the center of attention because of his play and because of the deep connections that come with Super Bowl LVII as the Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelce’s older brother Jason is the starting center for the Eagles and is a star in his own right.

Their mother Donna has also garnered the spotlight because of how she spreads her love to her sons on two different teams. The family met for a brief moment on Monday night on the big stage of opening night.

With all the attention swirling around the family, the Kelces will need plenty of naps going forward this week.